Who is Don Loper?  

Growing up in Milwaukee and with a family history of military service (Two Uncles served in Vietnam) at the age of 18 (1978) it was time to join the United States Marine Corps.






Parris Island S.C.,  Ooorraahhh!  (The journey begins)






Once Promoted, I became a candidate selected for a Prestigious 2 year Sea Duty Tour.

Serving on the USS John F. Kennedy (CVA- 67) Aircraft Carrier. 




Admiral (Moose) Myer, (Center)  Commanding Officer of USS John F. Kennedy

Overseeing change of Duty as I become Personal Guard. (Left )    






In 1981 the Marine Corps allowed me some time to come home and marry my home town sweet heart Elizabeth A Radke














As the saying goes:
"If the Corps wanted you to have a wife, they'd issue you one" !  



Having honorably served 4 years in the Corps I continued my service by direct transfer into the United States Air Force as a Aircraft Hydraulic Technical and Aircraft Instructor.


Chanute AFB, IL.  Air Training Command.   (Now Closed)

















Honorably Discharged, back in Milwaukee I served another 7 yrs with 128th ANG Air Refueling Wing at General Mitchell Field) 
After 17 years of service to this Great Country it was time in 1996 to get my Insurance career going.

















My wife Liz with our boys Jacob, and Nathan.  The boys were soon born after arriving back home. (Strange how staying home, and not globe trotting changes things! ) 




We chose to Home school our boys, with the assistance of Grandpa Rick
(retired school teacher of 33 years)   








As for hobbiesmany people would keep it simple maybe choose Disc golf or fishing on days off.............I enjoyed splashing around with fluid power.   


In 2001 achieved personal goal and granted 
Hydraulic Patent   # 6,240,959


































In 2008 my second (Patent Pending) was selected to appear

in the prestigious "International Journal of Fluid Power".

(Co-author with MSOE - Milwaukee School of Engineering)



Below is current State of Wisconsin License (2018) 













My pledge;  provide the same honorable service to you with distinction in as I did honorably serve our great country.  


What we both can expect over the phone or in person is professional decency and respect to participate in a good "ole" honest, common "horse sense" friendly conversation. 


I reside in Milwaukee with my wife Elizabeth of 35 years, and "empty" nesters recently ! Together we home schooled our two sons Nathan 24 (Wood Die maker ) and Jacob 21 joined USAF Air National Guard civil engineer, and two adorable cats.  

Call me for your Free consultation. 





"The best Insurance, is a Great agent."