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Hello, my name is Donald Loper (my friends call me Don).  It's understandably awkward when meeting someone for the first time in person, or even over the phone.  Your not alone and it's normal.  You may feel more comfortable learning a little about me first by clicking "Who's Don Loper" or button on the left panel. 


If seeking expert investment or insurance advice concerning your family you will not be disappointed.  You can expect
my professional decency and respect to participate in a good "ole" honest, common "horse sense" conversation. 



                                   ... Consumers/Investors rarely get "second" chances! 



That is why we do not employ hard sales tactics when you call for your No obligation free "private" consultation. With you, we will strive and achieve the correct solution the "first time" !   


Regardless of whether suitability is a legal mandate, the fundamental ethical requirement of every financial professional is that it be suitable for the client. The process of determining suitability begins with getting to know you and that requires assessing your need, and through our collaboration we can determine exactly which is the best solution "correctly" the first time.   The hard work is the collaboration over several meetings and consultations, the rest is easy.  


My desire for perfection comes from my military service of 18 years where there are not many second chances and
lives hang in the balance.  My continued "esprit de corps" and sense of duty have shaped my professional motto


"Treat everyone as they were my Grandparent, parent, brother or sister,

 and you and your clients will sleep well"

One of the advantages in using us to shop for your families insurance, savings, and protection is we make every effort to really understand you and your needs. In hope of earning your respect and business, whether it's IRA's, Rollovers, Annuities, disability, life insurance, long-term care, Safe Money Investments or other type plans; you can rest assured that you will always receive unbiased information, sound advice and excellent customer service.

All the best,



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"The best Investment, is a Great agent."