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Since 1996 we have been a trusted resource of personal and small business insurance in the Midwest.  Our name says it all, we are liability, risk management and consumer advocates or “mentors” first and counselors focused on our customer’s needs. If seeking expert insurance advice in protecting assets or business you will not be disappointed.

Our recent expansion of our Final Expense  now reaches across the US in providing affordable Final expense solutions through our trusted agents.    Our TEAM of professionals hold up the highest standards and you can TRUST they will treat you as you were their own parents, and family.   You can feel safe with our agents..........I promise.  You are guaranteed the  peace of mind we promote a no hard sales pressure process.  Our agents identify themselves immediately to consumers with their current states agent license #, and the states Department of insurance direct telephone # so you the consumer can verify we are, who we say we are.  Our seniors tell us that is one of the main reasons they do business with us.    

We do not employ hard sales tactics when you call for your no obligation free "private" consultation. With you, we will strive and achieve the correct solution the "first time" ! We have a mandate to find insurance that is most suitable to you.

Insurance is risk and liability management. Insurance allows individuals, businesses and other entities to protect themselves against significant potential losses and financial hardship at a reasonably affordable rate. 

We take the time to know you and assess your needs, and through our collaboration we can determine exactly which is the best solution "correctly" the first time. The hard work is the collaboration over several meetings if necessary and consultations, the rest is easy. The solution always reveals itself clearly, it sells itself to you.

My desire for liability insurance perfection comes from my military service of 20 years where there are not many second chances and lives in many ways hang in the balance. Who is Don Loper?   My continued "esprit de corps" and sense of duty have shaped my professional motto:

“The Best Insurance, is a Great Agent” One of the advantages in using our service to shop for your families insurance protection whether it's IRA's, rollovers, annuities, disability, life insurance, safe money investments, auto, home or other type liability risks, you can rest assured that you will always receive unbiased information, sound advice and excellent customer service.